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Last software update: August, 2022

  • Is it Hard to Stand Out from the Crowd on Facebook?
  • Do You Find Yourself Trying to Generate New Ways to Reach Out to New Potential Customers?
  • Are You Struggling to Keep Prior Customers Engaged in Your Products?

If you answer “YES” to any of these, IT’S TIME TO MAKE A BIG CHANGE!

You already know that many Facebook users have profiles and newsfeeds that are absolutely clogged full of information from advertisers as well as their friends.

So, how is it that you stand out above all of these other advertisers but do it in a way that is proven to be useful and by using a method that keeps you from dropping a load of cash on Facebook ads?

There is a fast and easy solution out there!

This is EVERY Facebook marketer’s DREAM software with the ability to maintain several Facebook pages all on AUTOPILOT! Yes! A software that can give a new turn to your facebook marketing experience without using some black hat or dirty tricks! No need to spend massive money on bringing traffic that doesn’t work.

There is no need to search for your targeted audience or to buy Facebook ads when FB Marketing Automation can do everything for you!

It is an amazing marketing software exclusively for businesses that use Facebook for online marketing.

Sure, sure. You’re thinking that you’ve heard all of the answers about online marketing and that it must be impossible to stand out above all other advertisers on Facebook.

Think about it again! Major advertisers spend megabucks just to be seen on Facebook. How could YOUR business ever be found?

Well, it can. And… you might be surprised to find that there are several different ways.



The FB Marketing Automation Tool does everything for you! This software has helped hundreds of markerters to generate new sales leads, traffic to their website and equaled out to earn them much more $$$$$.

There are several features that this software has going for it that can help you to generate a new Internet marketing strategy to maintain a presence on one of the top social media marketing websites in the entire universe.

Some of the main features of FB Marketing Automation are things that you cannot do manually or it would take ages!


See this Facebook Marketing Software in Action

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Facebook Marketing Automation Key Features:

  • Reach your target customers without spending a single dime on facebook ads!
  • Make sure your message will go to the target users inbox and not their “Other folder”
  • Connect with your target customers without them knowing you are using a software. Using the personalize feature!
  • Extract user ID and FB Email lightning fast via Facebook api and http data.
  • Automatically send facebook message to your target consumer.
  • Customize your result by using Facebook search graph scraper.
  • Scrape all members of a group even if you are not a member of that group.
  • Steal your competitors email list by using the “Real Email Scraper” feature of the software
  • Automatically manage your facebook fan page and group
  • Automate your Facebook campaign with Inbox Auto Responder and Notifications Auto Responder
  • Interact with your friends automatically by liking their posts
  • Make trending posts by using the auto tagging feature
  • Invite all your friends to your new fan page to easily gain likes
  • Create a trending posts by using the Clickbait Poster that will make your post looks appealing
  • Create gate for your fans to encourage them to like your page
  • Automatically solve facebook security captcha
  • Emulate human interactions! People or facebook wont suspect you are using a software to manage your facebook account!
  • Schedule your campaign on autopilot! Let the software do the work for you!
  • User friendly interface
  • And tons of other useful features…

List of other Features of FB Marketing Automation

Scraper features:

  • Extract user ID and FB Email lightning fast via Facebook api and http data.
  • Customize your result by using Facebook search graph scraper.
  • Scrape all members of a group even if you are not a member of that group.
  • Scrape all the users who like a certain fan page.
  • Scrape all friends of any of your friends.
  • Scrape your own account details. Your friends, page you liked, group you joined etc.
  • Scrape all the users you sent friend requests that didn’t accept it so you can resend it .again to notify them.
  • Scrape the real login email of your friends! You can add them on your email list.
  • And more…

Interactions features:

  • Automatically interact with the users. Whether if it’s user profile, fan page, group or users posts.
  • Customize which group of people you want to interact with.
  • Choose whether you want to post on their wall, send private message, and comment on their post.
  • Or choose to simply interact with them by adding them as friend, follow, like page and join group.
  • You can add the users to your friend list after you add them as friend to keep your friends organize.
  • Add user variable on your message to make it look like its personal. For example you can add [firstname] variable to your message and it will be replaced with the first name of the current user you are interacting with. List of variables that you can use.
    • [fullname] – Will be replaced with the full name of the current user
    • [firstname] – Will be replaced with the first name of the current user
    • [lastname] – Will be replaced with the last name of the current user
    • [livesin] – Will be replace with the city of the current user
    • [hometown] – Will be replace with the hometown of the current user
  • Option to post url on users wall
  • Option to attach image on users wall or private message
  • Option to attach a file on private message
  • Add users to blacklist so the software will not send message or interact to the same user again and again. (You can customize this list)
  • Automatically solve captcha when it appears
  • Option to make sure your message will go to the users inbox and not to their other folder
  • More options available inside!

Other useful tools included:

  • Confirm All Requests: Automatically confirms all pending friend requests
  • Friends Inviter: Invite all your friends to your fan page, group or event. You can select whether you want to invite only certain group of people.
  • Friends Suggester: Suggest a user to all of your friends. This is useful if you want your other account to have a lot of friends immediately.
  • Suggested Friends Adder: Automatically add people that facebook suggested.
  • Auto Post Tagger: Automatically tag all of your friends or certain group of friends from your friends list to your status post or photo.
  • Private Message Autoresponder: Respond to your facebook messages automatically. You can customize which type of message to respond by choosing a keyword.
  • Friends Requests Autoresponder: Automatically say thank you to the users who accepted your friend requests by posting on their wall or sending them a private message.
  • Group Request Autoresponder: Automatically say your thank you message to the groups who recently approved your joining request.
  • Auto Birthday Greeter: Automatically greet those users who are celebrating their birthday. You can choose whether you want to greet them in advance or the day after tomorrow. You can use some variables on your message like [firstname] and [age] to make your greetings more personalize.
  • Auto Posts Liker: Automatically like posts on your newsfeed or choose a list of people to like posts. This feature will keep your interactions with your friends.
  • Group Manager: Automatically manage all the groups you admin. Automatically remove reported posts, add all pending new members and auto remove posts that have banned keywords (for example a website url that keeps advertising on your group.)
  • Clickbait Poster: You can customize your post with the image you want then point it to any url you want.


Other Useful Tools:

  • Photo Album Downloader: Download all the picture your friends or page album to your hard drive.
  • Fangate Installer: Install a gate page to encourage people to like your fan page.
  • Merge List: Combine multiple text files into one file. Useful if you want to merge multiple user ID lists into one.
  • Spintax Generator: Generate spintax format to your messages.

And other useful features not listed here!
There are too many to mention…

Watch how easy to promote your product directly to your potential customers

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Inside we will show you how to use the software to send message to your targetted customers even if you are not in their friend list. And make sure your message will reach their INBOX and not their “OTHERS folders”.

Autoresponders Tutorial

(Please watch it on 720p fullscreen)



Here’s how you will profit with this Facebook Tools

Just some of the many ways to boost your income and business

  • Set your facebook marketing campaign on autopilot while doing something else
  • Promote any product and stand out from your competitors
  • Sell your facebook marketing services with ease
  • Build your targeted email list where you can offer related products
  • Grow your facebook community and build authority
  • Never pay for facebook marketing ads again!





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(Last update: August, 2022 )

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Does the FBMarketingAutomation software work on a Mac computer?

Sorry, but this software is for a PC running a windows operating system. But, you can run Windows software on a Mac by installing the free VirtualBox virtualisation software, and then install a copy of Windows inside the VirtualBox software on your Mac. There are several videos on YouTube that show how this can be done.

Does the software run on windows XP?

The software will not run properly on windows XP since windows stopped supporting that OS. We suggest to upgrade your OS to windows 7,8.1 or 10.

Does FBMarketingAutomation have a monthly recurring payment to use the system?

No if you purchase today! We are planning to have a monthly subscriptions in the future. But if you purchase today you are locked with the one time payment offer.

Will There Be Software Updates?

Yes! Although this is a lifetime access license, we will continue to sell the software as a monthly subscription…and so we will be updating it very often. The beauty of having it on our servers is that you’ll never notice the updates being done and will always have the most up-to-date version running! We update the software everyweek. You can see the update logs of the software here.

Do you provide training on using FBMarketing Automation?

Yes! We have step by step tutorials showing you how to set up your campaigns. It’s very easy to do and you will probably not even need to watch a tutorial, but if you want a step by step training we have it all covered for you!

How Many Computers Does My License Allow To Use?

If you purchase the Standard license. You are allowed to install it on one computer only. If you purchase the Premium license then you are allowed to install it on both of your desktop and laptop computers.

Can I purchase additional license?

Absolutely. Just contact us if you need additional license.

When can i receive the software details after I purchase?

The license details will be send to your paypal email immediately after the transaction.

If you have any additional questions. Feel free to email us at

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